Everyone has a singing journey... Yours could be here too!

Katie's Story:

"I've been taking lessons with Laura for around 8 months and I was a beginner when I started. I have a weighty voice and my voice has a habit to shake sometimes whilst singing a song. Laura's dedication to exercise training during the lessons had helped my breathing technique and I understand now how to sing with a less weighty sound.

I still struggle with holding notes and singing in a higher register but having improved on many areas already I am excited to keep developing during lessons.

I would definitely recommend Laura. She is very friendly and personable and she has a thorough understanding of the voice and you will notice changes in your voice even after the first lesson!"

Sara's Story:

“I love singing! That’s the bottom line!

I used to sing a lot when I was a little girl into my teenage years, at church and at school and other occasions. Back then I had a natural gift for singing and I was improving as I was singing on a regular basis. As I grew up, I gradually stopped singing and it wasn’t until I moved to the creative hub that is London two years ago that I re-engaged with this area of interest. I have never looked back!

I have been attending lessons with Laura for just over 7 months now on a weekly basis. I had a very sweet, heady voice now that I had stopped singing for so long. So I had asked Laura to help me add more weight and chest to my voice. Laura pushes me during every lesson. She has helped me realise the value of warming up your voice before attempting to sing a song and so the half hour vocal warm up within my lesson is essential! Not only that, but she uses simple language during lessons and makes them informal and relaxed which is in important if you lack confidence in your abilities! I think it's a lot to do with the fact that Laura is young and also currently involved in the music industry and so I feel able to relate to her and look up to her as a performer.

My voice is growing every week and getting stronger. I still have a long way to go to reach the goal I have set for myself. Having the confidence to be brave with my voice still challenges me as it’s easier to shy away, but I feel comfortable to explore this with Laura and this will get easier.

If you enjoy singing even the slightest, I would recommend Laura’s support in developing your singing voice. Its hard work! But Laura makes it fun and exciting and worthwhile.”

Bruja's Story:

Chirag's Story:

"Before I met Laura I had never attempted to use my voice as an instrument for singing. I love to write and felt I had a lot to communicate so realised that my singing voice was worth exploring. 

I wouldn't change my teacher for the world. Laura has helped me recognise the strength that exists in my own voice and has improved my understanding of how the voice works and how I can express myself with it. 

I am very shy and have found it hard in the past to project my vocals but Laura makes me feel very comfortable and I enjoy every minute of time with her in her vocal studio."

"Becoming a vocal Powerhouse!

My name’s Chirag and I sing Jazz and Bollywood songs at Care Homes all over London and surrounding counties. I’ve always been able to hold a tune and love performing to small crowds of appreciative audiences. Being raised in North West London and with Indian heritage I’ve had my head in Bollywood and Western styles of music.


More recently, I took up community theatre and fell in love with Jazz but always felt that I needed a nudge in the right direction to relax my vocal cords when I sing those powerful finishes to Swing classics. That’s where my lovely vocal coach came in just at the right time!


Laura’s helped me find my head voice and pushed and pushed me to work on my upper and lower registers, treating my vocal cords with the respect they deserve. I’ve been taking lessons with her for a year now and after every single lesson I come away having learned something new, with the knowledge that she’s listened closely to my voice and given me everything I need to work cleverly on my vocal technique and performance. I always come to her with my song choices and no matter how familiar I am with them, she always gives me her sage advice so that I can make a sweeter sound and deliver the song with comfort and confidence.


There’s no doubt in my mind that I’d recommend her to anyone who asks. Thanks Laura!'

Mariana's Story:

"I have had vocal lessons in the past however, I don't think I could ever find a teacher more suitable for me!

Laura shares my craziness and excitement and understands exactly what I want and need to improve in order to reach my goals. 
Even after the first lesson I knew I had found the right person to teach me as she instantly made me feel comfortable and helped me identify exactly what I need to work on on my voice.

I really enjoy practicing those ugly sounds at home in order to see the difference they can make in my voice even if my neighbours think I'm crazy!


Every day I'm less and less scared of those high notes and every week I'm looking forward to going back to the studio for my lessons with Laura! "

Chris' Story:

"Taking your first singing lesson at age 50 can be daunting. Meeting your new teacher and seeing she is the age of your children, has pink hair, and a blue plastic skull necklace can be surprising. When I first met Laura, I wondered how someone that young could have the experience to be able to teach me. Being new to singing, I thought I’d give her a try for a few lessons, but I wasn’t sure it would last long. A year and a half later, when it was time for me to leave London, I was still with Laura, and she was still encouraging to learn more and I know she has much more she could teach me.

I have always enjoyed singing for myself, but had been nervous and shy about singing in front of others. I had thought about taking lessons for years, but never seemed to have the time. Just before I moved to London from Boston, I was reminded of one of the few times in my past when someone made me feel comfortable singing in front of a small group. It made me think perhaps I could find a way to recapture that. I decided it was time to find a singing teacher to build up my confidence. Right from our first lesson Laura put me at ease. She very gently and tactfully began explaining all the things I had been doing incorrectly when I sang. Over the following weeks and months I was surprised be able to hear and feel the change in my voice as Laura taught me the correct techniques to use, to strengthen my voice and expand my range. I was amazed at her ability to take a part of a song I had been struggling with and offer some small adjustment in how I pronounce a word, hold my mouth, or approach a transition in the song, which would suddenly make it fall into place. Recently I’ve gone back and listened to some of my early lessons and it is so satisfying to be able to hear how far my singing has progressed, thus far.

Beyond her lessons, I really appreciated the encouragement Laura gives to her students to get experience singing out in front of others. Several times a year, she organizes performance nights to give us the opportunity to sing in public, if we want. The first time I sang in a pub with Laura’s students was terrifying - just standing on the stage was terrifying. All my life I have been nervous about speaking or performing in front of others. That first night when I walked on the stage, I could not believe I had gotten myself into this situation! However for several weeks before, I had worked on the song I was singing during my lessons, so I knew it well. Holding the mic felt familiar and almost comforting, due to all the practice I had had using a mic during my lessons. The pub was filled with other students of hers, who I knew were as scared as I was. Laura helps build a camaraderie between her students on these nights, which turns out to be a great added source of support whenever we sing together. Somehow I managed to get through that first song with Laura's encouragement (and a few bourbons!). When I went on to my second and third songs, I was a bit more relaxed and could turn my focus more on my singing and connecting with the audience. When I left the stage that first time, I was surprised how comfortable the experience actually turned out to be. Not only that, but being on stage was a little addictive, too! Later Laura had a workshop where she worked on our stage presence. It was so helpful to get her feedback on my performance and I learned a great deal by watching the other students performances as well that evening. I have spoken to other people who have taken voice lessons elsewhere and they are often surprised to hear that my teacher organized these nights out to get us comfortable singing to an audience. Some of them I who I would consider more experienced singers than I, are terrified as soon as they are handed a mic on a stage. I am very grateful to Laura for taking the time and effort to work on this aspect of our singing experience, as well.

After several of these nights out singing with Laura and her students, I found I had the courage push myself further in my performances. I started finding other places to sing out with live bands on my own, first sitting in with karaoke bands, then with the house musicians at two jazz clubs in London, and now at open mics. Not all performances go the way I would want. The first time I sang with a house band, I completely confused the order of the the words to the song I was singing. I was lucky, it wasn’t a song anyone was familiar with and I was able to piece together words in a way which sort of made sense, so no one noticed. Afterwards, several people actually told me they liked the song! Due to the comfort at performing which I had developed with Laura, I was able to cover up my mistakes and carry on. I was rather proud of that skill, even though I messed up the song. I now take each performance I do as a lesson to pick apart. I look to see what worked and what needs improvement. It is amazing to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone each time and then feeling my comfort zone expand with each performance. I credit Laura’s lessons and encouragement as the reason I feel I can continue to push myself further."

Mark's Story

'Laura was introduced to me by my girlfriend's best friend. A lovely lady who clearly has a lot of patience with singers with little talent.


A few months ago I was a total beginner with no musical background. I had a deep seated phobia about singing in public - thanks to my headmaster’s comments 42 years ago.


My goal was to sing a love song to my girlfriend in front of 120 people at our joint birthday party. It was a real challenge for both of us. I realised just in time that I needed to practice the exercises she gave me. The day came, nerves were definitely there but thanks to Laura’s talent, patience and hard work I did it and it went as well as I could have hoped for.


I would recommend Laura to anyone whether they have little talent like me or have the potential to be the next singing superstar.

P.S. She is also good at keeping secrets - the song was a total surprise to everyone at the party.'